The dental practice you can trust

The Lukas Kanzler Dental Practice was founded by Dr. med. dent. Lukas Kanzler in 1995. The practice is located in a listed building in the heart of the city of Zurich. Our team consists of 4 people. Together we take care of the welfare of patients during their dental visit.

Apart from being a normal dental operation, our practice specialises in the dental care of anxious patients. Within this framework, we pay particular attention to such patients so that their visits are etched in their memories as pleasant and pain-free. For this purpose, and at the request of the patient, Dr. med. dent. Lukas Kanzler resorts to hypnosis.

We are a member of the Swiss Dental Association (SSO), the SSO Zurich and the Swiss Medical Society for Hypnosis (SMSH). Many years of experience and varied further training have turned us into qualified and capable partners in terms of dentistry. Moreover we have a close collaboration with an in-house dental technician.

We look forward to welcoming you to our dental practice.

Our Philosophy

For many people, a visit to the dentist is often associated with fear, so your visit to us should be as pleasant as possible.

You are centre stage with us. In order to achieve this objective, the team awaiting you in our practice is competent, friendly and understanding. Our individual and sympathetic care and friendly approach create trust and a pleasant atmosphere.

People in a state of anxiety are also taken seriously and treated according to their individual needs. Our aim is to allay patients’ fears by means of different methods, such as dental hypnosis.

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