Cost is an important factor when choosing a product or service. But the price should not be the sole criterion. Your well-being during dental treatment, your trust vis-à-vis the dentist and the team are crucial aspects, which we try to fulfil as our primary objective. What is more, different treatment options,and consequently higher or lower costs are always possible.

Together we will select your future therapy with us, depending on your needs and options. Before each treatment we will inform you about the costs you can expect. If you wish, we will issue you with a written cost estimate.

Due to our very high quality standards and our care concept, a dental rate (Taxpunktwert) of Fr. 1.10 seems fair to us.

Our services are billed directly via the health insurance company.

Social tariff / SUVA tariff:TPW Fr. 1.00

Information on the tax point value (TPW)

The tax point value (a figure calculated based on overheads) indicates how expensive a dentist is. The dentist himself sets the tax point value in Switzerland. The tax value can be cheaper.

Each dental service is assigned a specific number of tax points (e.g. 19.2 for a dental X-ray or 33.1 for a short examination in an acute patient). The tax point figure is multiplied with the tax point value and results in the price of the individual service. The lower the tax point value, the more affordable the treatment for patients.

Payment options

Per invoice, cash